About Covid Testing

PCR Test Same Day Results While You Wait

All testing and diagnostic work is performed right in our clinic

Our Covid-19 test will provide you with an official certificate validating your COVID-19 status for any requirements as needed. All testing and diagnostic work are performed right in our clinic using the Health Canada approved Abbott Laboratories ID NOW Molecular Diagnostic Testing Platform.

For up-to-date information on travel restrictions, Please visit International Travel Restrictions by Country

Rapid Antigen Test for Employers, Events, Personal, U.S. Travel, and Approved Countries

* Same day results available while you wait
(15 min)

  • Results obtained within 15 Minutes
  • Official Results Printed in Clinic and Emailed
  • Valid for U.S. Travel
  • Receipt for Insurance Claim

COVID-19 RT/NAAT/PCR Tests for International Travellers

* Same-day results available while you wait
(within 1 hour of your test)

  • Results obtained within 1 hour of your test
  • Official Results Printed in Clinic and Emailed
  • Valid for International Travel
  • Receipt for Insurance Claim

Our testing site processes are quick, efficient, and painless. They involve a simple swab of the middle of the nose (not a deep nasopharyngeal swab).

For our Rapid Antigen Test, a sample is tested with an Antigen Testing kit that provides the result.

For our RT/NAAT/PCR Test, the swab sample is analyzed with the Abbott ID NOW Molecular Testing platform to determine the results.

See our FAQ page for more Infomation.


Covid Testing Clinic backed by Dr. Roman Chubaty


Dr. Roman Chubaty

Dr. Chubaty has been in family practice and as a general health care practitioner for a number of years. He holds active licenses in both Manitoba and in Arizona. His past Arizona practice time makes him aware of the needs of US clients. Dr. Chubaty was instrumental in founding Unicity Labs in Winnipeg and also when practicing in the US Lincoln Family Physicians Lab. These previous experiences in founding Labs give Dr. Chubaty extensive knowledge and experience in the Lab business and public health.

He is a strong proponent of Covid Vaccines and founder of this testing centre who advocates frequent testing in order to bring an end to this Pandemic.

Professional Qualifications

LMCC – Licensed Medical Physician Canada

LMAZ – Licensed Medical Physician Arizona

ASCM – American Society of Cosmetic Medicine

AAAM – American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine

ACFM – American College of Family Medicine

Meso – Lipotherapy Society – Past President

Omicron Testing Effective

Our Covid-19 Testing Platform by Abbott Laboratories has proven to be effective at detecting the  Omicron variant. The Abbott team of dedicated scientists has confirmed this important fact and continues to work non-stop in combating this virus.

Check out this new release for more information

Evaluating Omicron and Other COVID Variants to Ensure Test Effectiveness


About Covid Testing NAAT/PCR Platform

We use the Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Testing Platform

Health Canada Approved and Trusted polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing platform.

Our COVID-19 platform delivers NAAT / PCR Testing results in minutes.


For Covid-19 Testing in Alberta, Visit our Partner site in Edmonton at Icon Test Labs